Tech Tips

Normal Operation Removing the Blower Wheel Resolving No Power

Diagnosing a Shorted Power Board

Diagnosing a bad LEV

Extended Warranty DSB

Software Tutorials

Installing Maintenance Tool v5.20 Installing Diamond System Builder Maintenance Tool Win 7 Drivers

Maintenance Tool Win 8 Drivers

Maintenance Tool Win 10 Drivers

Initial Settings Tool

DSB - Make a Blueprint

Flash Codes

Resolving a 1x Flash Pt 1 Resolving a 1x Flash Pt 2 Resolving a 1x Flash Pt 3

Resolving a 2x Flash

Resolving a 3x Flash

Resolving a 4x Flash

Resolving a 5x Flash

Resolving a 6x Flash

Resolving a 7x Flash

Resolving a 14x Flash

Error Codes

Resolving a P4 or P5 Resolving a P6 Resolving a P8

Resolving a P9

Resolving a FB

Resolving a E1 or E2

Resolving a E0 or E4

Resolving a PA


Thermostat Interface MXZ-C Hyperheat Addressing MXZ-C Hyperheat Wiring

MXZ-C Hyperheat Refrigerant

Basic AE-200 Controller Startup

Installing a MHK1 Controller

Installing a MSZ/MUZ-GE09NA

Kumo Cloud Setup (1st Gen)

Kumo Cloud 2.0 Setup

Multi Position Air Handler

Filter Replacement


Horizontal Right

Horizontal Left

FAQ's and Information

Common End User Questions Filter Cleaning Handheld Remote Introduction

Handheld Remote Operation

MSZ-FH Handheld Remote